Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10th

Here it is almost mid August Shadowlane is just around the corner and Crimson Moon will be following close behind. I'm spending morning noon and night working on paddles and computer stuff. I've got some really fantastic paddles that I'll be posting as they get finished.

Bob asked me one morning... Are you okay doing this, I mean are you getting worn out and tired of it or do you think you will? Can you do this for a living?

My response... Tell me how many jobs there are out there that you can get up, still in your tshirt and panties, run out to the garage and play with all sorts of different types of exotic woods??? Yes, it's tiring, yes, it does wear me out, but no, I'm not going to get tired of it.

Every piece of wood is different, they all have their own personalities. The further along in the process the paddle gets, the more of the true, natural beauty shines through. It's like watching a bud bloom or a butterfly emerge. These woods have traveled long distances to find themselves in my shop, in my hands. I feel so honored and so very fortunate to get to work them into their final shape and beauty. Add to that the people who receive them telling me how much they love them and I'm in heaven :)

My paddle business has put me in contact with people all over the world and I've been lucky enough to have gained many wonderful friends through it. I'm just sure when I'm older and grayer than I am now :) I will still be making as many paddles as I can.

Anyone that has any questions for me, you are more than welcome to email me and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. My email is and my web addy is I look forward to hearing from you :)

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